Terms and Conditions of Room Hire



An organisation or individual (hereafter the “User”) wishing to use accommodation at Harrow Baptist Church, is asked to respect Christian principles throughout the buildings and grounds. Accordingly, the premises may not be used for activities or practices not compatible with the Christian faith. The purpose of the function for which the room is required must be properly stated on the application form. 

Alcohol in any form is not allowed on our premises.

The accommodation may only be used by the User and for the purpose and during the period indicated on the application form submitted to the church. The start and end timings of the hire period must be observed. Those occupying the premises for longer than the agreed hire period could be inconveniencing other users, and the church reserves the right to charge for the extra period. 

Sub-letting is not permitted

The User is responsible for all damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the accommodation or any of the church’s fixtures and fittings or equipment which is occasioned in whatever way by the use of the accommodation. The User is responsible for supervision and security of the booked accommodation and the behaviour of all persons using the premises for their booking.

The User agrees that the church accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property arising out of the use of the accommodation apart from such injury or loss which arises from the church’s responsibility for the general maintenance of the accommodation and the User will keep the church indemnified against any claims for which the church is not responsible.

After the use of the accommodation, each room used must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all furniture and equipment left in the same position as at the commencement of the hiring and the User must ensure that all lights are turned out and all doors and windows properly secured.

The User must ensure that during the hire period, no person smokes on the premises and that no alcohol is supplied or consumed on the premises.

The User must not leave in the accommodation any equipment, furniture or articles of any kind unless by prior written agreement from the church who reserve the right to charge a separate fee for the provision of any such specified and agreed storage facilities.

The User has a responsibility to notify the church of any defect in the accommodation or in any of the church’s furniture or other equipment in the accommodation.

The User will comply with the provisions of the church’s Health and Safety policy and will ensure that all those using the accommodation are aware of the appropriate safety procedures. The church has a “Safe to Belong” policy which aims to allow vulnerable adults to feel safe and valued, and free from abuse. The user will comply with this policy; more details are available from the church office.

Where premises are to be used by children, the User agrees to comply with the church’s ‘Safe to Grow’ policy. Copies of the church’s policy documents are available on request. 

Users of the kitchen must agree to comply with the church’s Health & Safety rules and standards, particularly concerning hygiene, as displayed in the kitchens.    

The church follows a policy of using FairTrade goods, and would encourage our users to use FairTrade products where possible.

The agreed fee for the use of the accommodation must be paid in accordance with the due date, as stated on the invoice. The church reserves the right to ask for a deposit, to be agreed at the time of booking.

Booking of the halls and/ or  rooms does not guarantee Car Parking facilities. 

The church is not in possession of a 'Public Entertainments Licence'.

 October 2020