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stained glass windows Harrow Baptist Church

Harrow Music Club  is a recorded music society which meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except August) in Room 4 at Harrow Baptist Church, College Road, Harrow, from 8.00 to 10.00 pm with a break for refreshments.

 The aim of the Club is to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of recorded music in the company of other music lovers.

 The annual subscription is £25 and new members are welcome.  Visitors are welcome as temporary members for which a guest subscription of £3 per visit is charged.  This is refundable on becoming a member.

 For further information please contact our Secretary Maura Merion on 01895-630747.

 Chairman:  Roger Hughes                                                     Committee Members: Ann Baker

Secretary:  Maura Merion                                                                                           Eileen Bostle

Treasurer:  Chris Gordon                                                                                            Dagmar Jervis.

 Programme 2017




January  4

Holiday Memories

Roger Hughes

February  1

And Now …

Ann Baker

March  1

7.45pm  AGM  followed by                                                                   



8.00pm  My EMI Awards

Chris Gordon

April  5


Ian Heath

May  3

Round the World in 100 Minutes

Dagmar Jervis

June  7

Serious … but is it Classical?

Ann Vernau

July  5

The 1840s

Eileen Bostle




September  6

Magic Moments

John Barnard

October  4


Andrew Baker

November  1

Trumpets Shall Sound

Ann Mitchell

December  6

Members’ Choice

Ann Baker

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We are affiliated to the
Federation of Recorded Music Societies
(President - Julian Lloyd Webber)
which has pages on the Web and supports all Societies
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