Coffee, Cake and Prayer

coffee, cake and prayers

Following in the footsteps of the early Church we read in Acts 2:42 that the early Christians “continued steadfastly in the Apostles' doctrine and fellowship and in the breaking of bread, and in prayers”.  That sounds quite like the activities of our ‘Coffee, Cake and Prayer Group’.  The group of all ages, share home made cake and continue in the Apostles’ doctrine by studying the Bible and praying. We meet every couple of weeks or so, usually on a Monday evening at a member’s home or in the church.  We start at 8 pm and aim to finish at about 9:30 pm. 

At Christmas and in July we have a meal and a party.

cakes for prayer time

The group meet to pray for the needs of our church, for the church members and the wider fellowship. 

We also study the topic of Prayer and seek to understand better what prayer is, how we can be more effective in our prayers and what God requires of us. 

We discuss and struggle with the great questions of how we feel when our prayers do not seem to get answered in the way we want or expect.

Praying with each other is a voyage of discovery. 
 We are on a journey, with God as our guide, as we pray and learn and discuss

Come and join us.  We would love to share coffee (or tea!), cake and fellowship with you.

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